What Our Members Have to Say:

clientuploads/Membership Testimonials/quote.png— Dan Sewell, MD
As I look back over the 15 years since I finished my fellowship in geriatric psychiatry, I realize that the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP) has served as my professional extended family and, in this way, has been an essential part of my ongoing professional development. My membership in the AAGP has helped me keep my knowledge base up-to-date, has allowed me to establish and maintain relationships with a number of important mentors, has introduced me to colleagues who have subsequently become dear friends, and has given me opportunities to give back to my community in various ways. 



clientuploads/Membership Testimonials/quote.png— Gary Kennedy, MD
Through my involvement with AAGP I've been able to promote the values of providers and trainees who struggle to care for older persons with mental illness and for the families who support them. I have never been busier nor more inspired. Because AAGP is comparatively small the scale of the organization fosters cohesion among the members. The resulting camaraderie makes a lasting impression on trainees who attend our annual meeting. I firmly believe that no physician would seek training in geriatric psychiatry were it not for the achievements of AAGP.

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clientuploads/Membership Testimonials/quote.png— Douglas Kalunian, MD
Being a member of AAGP - I've been able to build a phenomenal network of colleagues (private practitioners, researchers, educators and world-renowned experts alike) as well as lifelong friends from all around the US. They've helped me tremendously throughout my career, whether it's guiding me, advising me, or collaborating with me - all with a level of collegiality that's been unsurpassed by any other group I've joined. I couldn't have asked for more! Thanks AAGP! 

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