AAGP Committees and Caucuses

AAGP Committees, Caucuses and Interest Groups

All members are invited to join AAGP’s core committees, caucuses, and interest groups. Please use the links below to subscribe to the e-mail discussion lists. Once subscribed, you can control your settings on each list by following the instructions in the welcome message sent to you by the listserv.  Once subscribed, you can:

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 AAGP Core Committees

Clinical Practice: AAGPCPC@aagp.topicbox.com

The Clinical Practice Committee develops initiatives to support and promote the clinical practice of geriatric psychiatry and expand practice opportunities for clinicians. Specific issues that the Clinical Practice Committee addresses include reimbursement, developing programs to enhance clinical ability, development of practice guidelines/practice parameters, and practice management issues.

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Research: AAGPResearch@aagp.topicbox.com

The Research Committee works to promote high-quality research to improve care for the elderly through the support of research training programs and increased funding for biomedical and health services research. The committee also develops initiatives to integrate research findings into processes and programs to improve clinical care.

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Teaching and Training: AAGPTeachingTraining@aagp.topicbox.com

The Teaching and Training Committee works to improve the mental health care of the elderly by developing educational resources and programs to increase the knowledge base and skills of medical students and trainees at all levels. The committee also develops initiatives to strengthen training requirements in geriatric psychiatry and increase the number of students exposed to geriatrics. Specific areas under the committee’s jurisdiction include liaison and programs with ACGME, ABPN, publications, educational programs, and training/fellowship issues.

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 AAGP Caucuses

Advanced Practice Nurses Caucus: AAGPNurses@aagp.topicbox.com

Advanced practice nurses discuss their participation with AAGP and their role in the late-life mental health care system.

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Disaster Preparedness CaucusAAGPDisasterCaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

The Disaster Preparedness Caucus discusses and develops ways in which we can learn more from any disaster—both natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes, and man-made disasters including terrorist attacks—and take steps to safeguard the physical and mental well-being of older adults.

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Early Career Psychiatrist CaucusAAGPECPCaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) are Psychiatrist Members of the AAGP whose careers are within the first seven years following the completion of an ACGME-accredited residency or fellowship training program. The AAGP ECP Caucus is aimed at bringing together ECPs for networking, developing projects, and sharing ideas about learning and career development specific to ECPs.

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MIT Caucus: AAGPMITcaucus@AAGPECPCaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

AAGP members-in-training discuss MIT participation within AAGP and issues related to training and career development.

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Public Policy Caucus: AAGPECPCaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

The Public Policy Caucus discusses legislative and policy issues related to health care delivery, research and training, including Medicare reimbursement, nursing home reform, NIH appropriations, Graduate Medical Education funding and parity for mental health care services.

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Retirement Age Caucus: AAGPRetirementAgeCaucus@AAGPECPCaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

This forum is an opportunity for members of retirement age, or approaching retirement age, to discuss issues related to retirement and the roles retiring members can take in the AAGP.

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VA Caucus: AAGPVACaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

This forum is an opportunity for those who work in the VA or are interested in the VA to discuss issues related to mental health care and older veterans.

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Ethics CaucusAAGPEthicsCaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

This caucus is an opportunity for discussion of professional issues relevant to ethics in the geriatric psychiatry field.

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Diversity CaucusAAGPDiversityCaucus@aagp.topicbox.com

The Diversity Caucus strives to help the organization address the needs of a diverse membership and will also consider ways to enhance AAGP members’ awareness of the patient population’s richness of cultures, ethnicities, and sexualities, and how those differences impact patient/physician interaction.

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 The AAGP Diversity Caucus collects input from the following Interest Groups 

International Medical Graduates Interest Group: AAGPIMG@aagp.topicbox.com

This caucus provides a forum to discuss issues relevant to IMGs, including impact of being an IMG on career decisions, and roles and opportunities for IMG members within AAGP.

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Ethnic Minorities Interest Group: AAGPMinoritiesGroup@aagp.topicbox.com

This interest group is an opportunity for discussion of professional issues relevant to minority professionals in the late-life mental health field and the roles members can take in the organization.

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LGBT Interest Group: AAGPLGBTGroup@aagp.topicbox.com

This forum is an opportunity to discuss professional issues relevant to LGBT attendees and the roles members can take in the organization.

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Women’s Interest Group: AAGPWomen@aagp.topicbox.com

This forum is an opportunity for discussion of professional issues relevant to women professionals in the late-life mental health field and the roles women can take in the organization.

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Other Listservs

AAGP Fellows

This list was created in 2014 for AAGP MITs who are fellows to discuss specific issues.


AAGP Administrative Committees

AAGP has several administrative committee which are responsible for specific functions within the AAGP.  Membership on these committees is more formal, but new members are welcomed.  If you are interested in joining one of the following committees, please complete this form to indicate your interest or ask a question.  A staff member will contact you.  

Annual Meeting Program Committee:  The Annual Meeting Program Committee is responsible for developing the educational content of the annual meeting with the input from the Education, Clinical Practice and Research Committees. The Program committee shall strive to develop a balanced program that meets the educational needs of clinicians, academicians and researchers. Committee Roster

Continuing Medical Education Committee: The goal of the Continuing Medical Education Committee is to ensure the education program is consistent with the organizational mission, and to provide a focal point for the dissemination of information about geriatric psychiatry in order to enhance the ability of psychiatrists, primary care physicians and other health care professionals to recognize and address the special mental health needs of the geriatric population.  The Continuing Medical Education Committee shall provide direction for the continuing professional development activities of AAGP; set and implement policy for CME review; monitor needs assessment data to plan continuing professional development activities; evaluate the effectiveness of the continuing professional development activities and the overall educational program; and review all activities containing professional development activities for CME designation. Committee Roster

Nominations Committee:  The Nominations Committee shall serve to develop ways in which the organization will run its annual election process for both officer and board member positions.  The committee will also be responsible for the screening of all candidates prior to them appearing on the ballot.  Specific issues that the nominations committee will address include the call for nominations, campaign process, and overseeing the election.  Note:  The nominations committee membership is prescribed by the bylaws, so there is a limited availability for new members to join on an annual basis.  Committee Roster

Join one of these committees or ask a question